How did I end up as an Interior Designer?

I thought you would enjoy hearing this story ‘cause I think it’s quite a funny one.

Back in 2010, I broke up with my boyfriend and I suddenly found myself with so much free time that I didn’t know what to do with it. So I thought this would be a perfect time to get a hobby! (Yeah, I did not have a hobby at the time… sad, I know!)

I came up with 3 options – learning to play the piano; learning to ride a horse or becoming an interior designer. Sounds random? Well, it was!

Let’s remember that I was a broke student at uni at the time so piano and horse riding was out, as it was either too much work/time or way too expensive for me at the time.

So, I was left with 1 option – to find an interior design school and get a qualification.

I thought this would be cool as I will have an awesome house and my kids’ friends will be amazed when we invite them to our house – that was my first thought of motivation. I always wanted to become a mum with a big family :)

Well, I managed to find a very good school and it took me 2 hard years, 3 evenings/week and countless of sleepless nights to finish it – but hey! I enjoyed it (most of the time) and I COULD NOT wait to start working and make that magic happen! I just had to get my first client…

It turns out life is sometimes funny as my first client was someone who had me as her client first :) she was complaining to me about getting a new kitchen and how difficult that is and how much work it takes – so I took the opportunity and offered to work for her for free – well, finally it was an exchange of services. I designed her kitchen and I got free massages. Cool, right? :)

I still have that first kitchen I designed for her in my portfolio.

What I loved most about that project, was something that I found out a few weeks later. We had a chat and she told me, that she no longer wants to get out of the house at the earliest possibility, but enjoys a cup of tea in her kitchen and loves to hang out in there. Her life has changed because she was no longer looking for happiness and an opportunity to relax & let go in other places but in her very own home. She felt calm at home. This helped her in her personal life and she started to appreciate the importance of time alone at home. I went through this exact same light bulb moment when I was single and living alone, whilst completing the learning curve of feeling a whole person whilst being just by myself. A home does help you feel complete and can get you back on track when you’re slightly off.

That moment I realised that THIS is what I want to do. I don’t just want to design, I want to change lives. I want to help YOU to find your own style, be able to relax at home and re-charge your batteries for real! Do you think you really do go on holidays and SPA weekends to relax? Nope… have you ever felt more tired after returning from a trip, than before? Yep, I’m sure it happened. That’s because it’s a proven fact, that 75% of the relaxing activities happen in and around the house. Not on a holiday. Not at the SPA. Not at the gym. At home.

I’m on a mission to impact peoples’ lives with helping YOU to create your own space that nurtures, supports, cheers you up or hides you from the world for as long as you need :)

I’m on a journey to teach you about the benefits of simplicity, the power of functionality and the pleasure of pure beauty in your home. Hence, I am taking my business to the next level, will deep dive into the world of Scandi Interiors with 2 focused directions: helping new mums on their fantastic journey & holding the hands of those who live solo to find their true style.

All of this is happening in this wonderful online world so I can make a BIG impact on the World and make it better for all of us.  Join me on the journey. Be NICE. Be YOU.

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