When The Mess Grows Bigger Than You – 3 Steps For A Tidier Home

Are you messy? Your apartment is totally out of control, and you don’t even know where to start cleaning? Then you should definitely read this! :)

A 3 step guide to quickly tidy up your home and keep it clean.

Very few people can stand a real mess at home, but even fewer can do something about it.

It all starts with you being tired or just not putting your things away, then over the weekend you obviously have better things to do than cleaning, and then you suddenly find yourself without clean mugs in the kitchen, shoes and bags and coats on top of each other. Not to mention that you cannot even remember when you last cleaned the shower or the kitchen tiles…

There is a point when you have piled up so much stuff that you do not have neither the energy nor the will to start cleaning. But let’s be honest, it ain’t good spending time at home like this. The thing is, that most people don’t like cleaning, but they also feel uneasy if their home is messy.

What could you possibly do?

1. Make a decision!

I know you want a cleaner and more organized home! You just need to invest a little energy and time in it, and do regularly (regular cleaning is a lot less painful than occasional fire fighting).

After you made the decision – LET’S CLEAN, the most difficult bit is the first clean up.

If you’re not in the mood, no prob, give yourself a treat – call a cleaning company, and book a proper one-time-only cleaning session with them (you can get this for about £12/hour). It might happen that the end result won’t look exactly the way you want it (especially if you’re a control freak like I am, haha ), but the point is to get the job done by someone else. I’m sure that in half an hour you can sort out all your dislikes, and it will be just perfect! :)

If you can’t afford it, then save your energy for the weekend and just do it!

2. Take care of it!

The next step is to try to maintain this state of  tidiness. The best tip I can give you is this: Do it on the go! Finished your tea? Put the mug directly into the washing machine (don’t leave it on the table). Showering? Put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket (not on the chair). Going to bed? Look around, and put the things away, so when you wake up, it all looks nice and tidy.

Before you leave, try to leave your flat in the state so you would like to find it when you’re back. If you know that a nice and tidy apartment is awaiting you and you don’t have to bother with the housework once you get home, you will be so much happier upon your arrival.

It’s also a lot less embarrassing if someone pops by (or if you take someone home after your date ;) ).

3. Don’t let it go!

When it starts to get out of hand again, act quickly, put your stuff away. But baby steps, start in one corner and go through the whole apartment, but do only one thing at a time, concentrate on one corner at once, rather then running up and down, doing all at a time.

Start with the bedroom, and when it is ready, you can move to the hall, then to the living-room, and then to the kitchen. If you are done, check all the rooms again, you might have missed something :)

If you manage to follow the tips and make a habit out of it, there is a chance that you will feel better at home, which will help you to be able to relax and enjoy watching telly.

Do you have some cool cleaning tips? Share it with us in a comment below!

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  1. Shana marshal
    Shana marshal says:

    A good way to clean a room is to sweep everything into a pile and then sit on the floor with a trash bag and pick through it it’s better then running around like a chicken with your head cut off less strain on your back


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