Apartment Tour – An Australian Interior Designer’s Home

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the dark wall of the dining-room with the totally matching rug. I thought this is seriously cool. The other rooms and details are also quite impressive, so I just had to show you what I have found!

eRika Interiors Apartment Tour - Australia - Inside Suzanne Gorman, Interior Designer's Home

The house is the home of Aussie interior designer,  Suzanne Gorman. It’s in Sidney, she lives there with her husband, her three children, and their dog. The house is enormous and sooo special – but I think it is to be expected from the house of an interior designer to be interesting and unique.

The kitchen is plain, functional, but still a pleasure for the eye with all those beautiful colours. I love the yellow pendant lamps and that forest feeling while you doing the washing up :)

A snapshot of the living room wall – a very modern fireplace and some stylish pieces of decoration. How cool is that bird (or duck?!)?

A cosy home office, close to the kitchen. The wallpaper is so playful, and the nook looks really friendly with al those family pictures.

The parents’ bedroom with pool-view:

A pleasant room with a calm atmosphere, nice and harmonious details. I really like it!

The bathroom is so simple, plain, but stylish. The marble-floor makes it elegant, and the wall-mosaic offers it a less hard look, thus the effect is less rigid, without the elegance being lost.

Suzanne’s study. The print on the wall is my favourite from here, aaaand, guess what, I arranged my books in a similar fashion in my study (since I do not have shelves – will show you later). Although it may not seem to be very practical, it is a very decorative way of displaying your books, you should only pay attention to put the ones you often use or read on top :)

Did you notice that the lamp stands out? A touch of vintage in the modernness :)

Now let’s have a look at the kids rooms: the room of the 17-year-old Harry:

The room of the 14-year-old Semi:

And the room of the 11-year-old Joe:

The children have their own living-room close to their rooms. If you have enough space, having a second living room, playroom or study for your kids it’s just amazing – the will feel so much more comfortable at home.

Aaaaand, there you go, the best at the end of our tour – the already mentioned pool in the garden. Amazing scenery :)

So what is it that you like, or dislike about this house? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section or come on over to Facebook and let’s chat about it.

Via TheDesignFiles

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