THIS Is What A Perfect Flat Looks Like

Have you ever had that moment when you looking through the pictures and you go WOW! every single time you click the mouse. Well, I recently had that moment. You know I love Scandinavian design, those bright and simple interiors that just never get boring and never run out of style. I’m also a big fan of hidden storage and tidy looks. I would looooove a laundry room and a walk-in wardrobe (seriously, who wouldn’t?).

Now, here we go, all-in-one. Isn’t exactly a small flat as it’s 185 square metres, but still…

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Spacious living-room, dining area and bedroom – all, on just 40 m2

The cube box concept is no new to the interior design industry, but it is unquestionably the most brilliant space saving solution for small spaces. The idea is to place the box in one of the corners and dedicate this area to the most frequently used functions. Usually the box would contain the kitchen – bathroom – bedroom trio, which is also a great way to hide all the cables and pipes. This was their choice too, when turning this small studio into a one bedroom flat. Read more

Apartment Tour – An Australian Interior Designer’s Home

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the dark wall of the dining-room with the totally matching rug. I thought this is seriously cool. The other rooms and details are also quite impressive, so I just had to show you what I have found! Read more