5 Steps to Design Your Dream Nursery

I love designing nurseries, I think it’s a wonderful time. It’s nice to start early so you have plenty of time to daydream whilst working on your beautiful baby room, but I know that sometimes the process can be overwhelming. Most mums to be would start on Pinterest for inspiration and get immediately overwhelmed by the millions of options they are presented with.

This 5 steps below will help you to make some basic decisions about what you want. Use this to narrow down your search and look for inspiration and options that are fit for your ideas. I suggest to stick with your decisions – think them well through but then try not to change your mind every time you see something you like or it’s cute – be strong and stick with YOUR vision instead of copying someone else’s.

I’m here to help – go through these steps, write down your decisions and go from there. Read more

When The Mess Grows Bigger Than You – 3 Steps For A Tidier Home

Are you messy? Your apartment is totally out of control, and you don’t even know where to start cleaning? Then you should definitely read this! :)

A 3 step guide to quickly tidy up your home and keep it clean.

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The Ultimate Breakup Checklist To Restore Your Home

So you guys broke up. It was tough. You are decided, there is no return, no “let’s start all over again”. He moves out. This is where my checklist comes in, and believe me, it will be very, very useful. Grab your tissues, and let’s get started. Be strong. I’m with you!