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How To Style A Dressing Table

Dressing table??? – you say?! OMG – who has space for that? Well, just take a look at mine, it’s so skinny (and gorgeous) that it hardly takes up any space in the room. A tiny corner is perfect to fit it in, just make sure your face will get some natural light as well, otherwise, you might end up with those super cool makeup light bulbs around the mirror HAHA :)

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How To Design Endless Storage – 8 Tips For Tiny Flat Owners

Tiny flats are cool. It’s cheap(er) to buy, easy to heat up, can be furnished on a tight budget and it’s super quick to clean the whole thing; plus (as a bonus) you won’t fall into deep depression each spring, when the time’s about right for window cleaning – small flat, fewer windows, less boring housework :)

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How To Cheer Up Your Single Flat This Summer

Summer is all about accessories, isn’t it? All you need is a bunch of new décor items to cheer up your space and get it ready for a full summer vibe! I love redecorating the house with summary design pieces from my favourite accessory shops, and the best thing is, that you can get most of these essentials for a bargain, hence I don’t even bother looking too much around, I just get my favourite collection each season.

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