If you don’t really know what you are looking for for your flat but would like to find out, have a look to this collection of inspiring spaces. It might help you find out about what you desire.

How To Style A Dressing Table

Dressing table??? – you say?! OMG – who has space for that? Well, just take a look at mine, it’s so skinny (and gorgeous) that it hardly takes up any space in the room. A tiny corner is perfect to fit it in, just make sure your face will get some natural light as well, otherwise, you might end up with those super cool makeup light bulbs around the mirror HAHA :)

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The Coolest Lighting Trends Spotted On The London Design Fair

When it comes to lighting products, I always desire for something cool, not just for myself, for my customers too. It can make such a difference! I seriously hate those boring lighting concepts in our heads, that we need a chandelier, a desk lamp, some spot lights, maybe classic (cheap) side lamps in the bedroom and we’re done, lighting design ready for the home. Pfffff! It’s even worse when lighting is forgotten, ’cause it’s the last thing you do anyway, and people run out of money (curtains and blinds suffer a lot from this too, especially after a big refurb).

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The Secret Behind Handmade Products

It’s been ages since I could just sit down and write. There is so much going on in my life right now that it is really hard to find the time.

I visited multiple events during the London Design Fair – you will see couple of posts coming out on the treasures I found, during the next couple of weeks. We found a new house that we will rent long term – unfurnished – YEAH! that’s right, I am furbishing our own home this time FROM SCRATCH. This is the best (and scariest) thing that can happen with an interior designer – trust me, we really really really wanna get this right :) Of course, it will be Scandinavian, but with a statement to reflect my style, maybe a bit eclectic here and there. You will get a sneak peek very soon – just follow me on Instagram.

And here we come – the real reason for this blog post is to share what I’ve been up to last weekend, when I was invited to Handmade at Kew by In The Window to their #LiveTheStory event.

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Spacious living-room, dining area and bedroom – all, on just 40 m2

The cube box concept is no new to the interior design industry, but it is unquestionably the most brilliant space saving solution for small spaces. The idea is to place the box in one of the corners and dedicate this area to the most frequently used functions. Usually the box would contain the kitchen – bathroom – bedroom trio, which is also a great way to hide all the cables and pipes. This was their choice too, when turning this small studio into a one bedroom flat. Continue reading “Spacious living-room, dining area and bedroom – all, on just 40 m2” »

How To Cheer Up Your Single Flat This Summer

Summer is all about accessories, isn’t it? All you need is a bunch of new décor items to cheer up your space and get it ready for a full summer vibe! I love redecorating the house with summary design pieces from my favourite accessory shops, and the best thing is, that you can get most of these essentials for a bargain, hence I don’t even bother looking too much around, I just get my favourite collection each season.

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