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How To Cheer Up Your Single Flat This Summer

Summer is all about accessories, isn’t it? All you need is a bunch of new décor items to cheer up your space and get it ready for a full summer vibe! I love redecorating the house with summary design pieces from my favourite accessory shops, and the best thing is, that you can get most of these essentials for a bargain, hence I don’t even bother looking too much around, I just get my favourite collection each season.

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The Ultimate Breakup Checklist To Restore Your Home

So you guys broke up. It was tough. You are decided, there is no return, no “let’s start all over again”. He moves out. This is where my checklist comes in, and believe me, it will be very, very useful.

Grab your tissues, and let’s get started. Be strong. I’m with you!

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