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How To Cheer Up Your Single Flat This Summer

Summer is all about accessories, isn’t it? I love redecorating the house with summary design pieces from my favourite accessory shops, and the best thing is, that you can get most of these essentials for a bargain, hence I don’t even bother looking too much around, I just get my favourite collection each season.

To be honest, my very favourites are the beach house style rustic décors with ropes, sails, tiny boats and fish shaped plates :) I know, it might sound lame, but some of these can look really stylish. However, as I don’t have a beach house (yet) I wouldn’t necessarily stick to this theme, but anything scandi or contemporary with a little twist will do the trick.

I mostly choose pastels and geometric patterns as they team up greatly with the design of my home. But, most of the shops offer a huge range of products within the same collection so you can apply the same theme over all your rooms, which is pretty cool.

So, let’s get started and have a look to the Top 3 of my favourite places to go to for home accessories. (if you scroll down to the very end, you can download my freebie – a cheat sheet that tells you what to buy from where if you wish to redecorate a bit now, as the great British summer has finally arrived :)

Where to get your summer design essentials from - accessories, decoration, tableware for indoors and outdoors with a free shopping cheat sheet included to kick off this summer with a stylist interior


Offering a wide range of furniture for living-, dining-, and bedroom as well as accessories for indoor and outdoor.

Next Home is my very favourite place to go to when I want something new (and fairly cheap) to decorate my house with. They usually offer multiple collections of different styles at the same time, so I’m pretty sure that you will find something you like. Whether you looking for contemporary, rustic, classic British floral, industrial, or shabby chic there are plenty of pieces to choose from.


Offering accessories mainly for living rooms, but kitchen, bathroom & bedroom decoration also comes in a great variety.

Well, they became my favourite not long ago, when came out with brilliant tableware design – something between scandi, industrial and rustic, sometimes with a smooth touch of shabby and a little hint of hippie modernism.

In one word H&M Home is cool and different. Makes a statement with all of their collections (especially with the Conscious one, which is my favourite as I am a huge recycling fan) and it is very affordable. You can choose décor for your dining-, living-, bedroom and bathroom, out of which the tableware designs and bathroom accessories are far my favourites on the market, within this price range, at the moment.

If you like their products, watch out for Home Sale in store, as they drop the prices incredibly for selected products, for example they’ll have duvet cover sets for £5, even king size ones (yep, no kidding)!


Offering a big range of products for all the main areas of your home including small furniture, bedding, tableware, decorating accessories and more.

We all love Zara, don’t we? :) It’s not just fashion they’re great at, but interior styling too. They structured the products the same way they do with clothing – there is a basic collection, seasonal collections and premium products too.

My impression was that Zara mainly design around the contemporary concept with inspiration from all over the world – right now you could check out their new oriental range – it is absolutely fantastic! They call it a ‘Bohemian Touch’ as the look it still pretty minimalist and modern, but the colours and patterns are vivid.

Download my summer decor shopping checklist now!

*By downloading this free content you will get access to the Design Like A Pro resource inventory, where you’ll find designer tips & seasonal shopping lists.

Where to get your summer design essentials from - accessories, decoration, tableware for indoors and outdoors with a free shopping cheat sheet included to kick off this summer with a stylist interior

Enjoy! See you next week! :)

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