The Coolest Lighting Trends Spotted On The London Design Fair

When it comes to lighting products, I always desire for something cool, not just for myself, for my customers too. It can make such a difference! I seriously hate those boring lighting concepts in our heads, that we need a chandelier, a desk lamp, some spot lights, maybe classic (cheap) side lamps in the bedroom and we’re done, lighting design ready for the home. Pfffff! It’s even worse when lighting is forgotten, ’cause it’s the last thing you do anyway, and people run out of money (curtains and blinds suffer a lot from this too, especially after a big refurb).

So, I suggest you plan your lighting well ahead, and pick interesting, statement pieces for each of your rooms. Just like anywhere else in the home, you can combine designer pieces with high street brands or with special buys from the flea market. The important bit to keep in mind is, that the owner has to like the lamp – side note: you and your spouse CAN have different side lamps in your bedroom if you have different tastes, just make sure they match on some level, or the surroundings bring it all together in an eclectic way. Plus, don’t try to force your taste onto your children. If they want a blue or a pink desk lamp, let them have it, they will sit with more pleasure at their desks if they like how it looks and feel good in their rooms.

Now, here we go – the very best delivered to you straight from the London Design Fair – latest & greatest, a bit of innovation and all time classics, re-imagined.

The two lads from Well Lit Led are on a mission to deliver quality led lighting for a reasonable price. The result? A beautiful dimmable led filament, that comes in a bright orange colour and is flexible enough to fold into any shape.

Did I mention that they are BEAUTIFUL? My personal favourite is the huge globe shaped bulb with the smokey glass :) Which one do you like?

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I love blackboards around the house, they help kickstart my creativity. I believe in using surfaces to write or draw on them, and personalize them this way. From wallpapers to stickers I am crazy about everything that can be used as a blackboard (or whiteboard, for that matter). I’m a visual person ;)

So it is no wonder that I fell immediately in love with the In-es artdesign pendant lamps.

Yep, you can doodle on them, or write messages, notes or quotes on them :) how cool is that?! I’d love one of this in my kitchen, above the dining table.

My other favourite was the grater-lamp. It comes in multiple colours with different types of fabric cables. I quite love the idea and have seen so many DIY tutorials on how to create one of these, but it’s nice to know that you can buy ready-made ones if you are short on time or just simply sooooooo not good at DIY (like me, hah!). Plus, these ones were made in a soft rubbery material with a mold that was specially made for that shape, so they are quite soft, nice to touch, and look certainly much better than the metal DIY version.

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Some of you may know that I am a big fan of eco designs and I used to have a column on the topic too. BTW, if you’d like to hear more about eco-design news and how the latest technologies try to save the planet, let me know if the comments section and I will re-introduce the column. (I’d love to hear if you’d be interested to read about stuff like this!)

The beautiful Graypants lamps caught my attention on 100% design as they were hanged from the ceiling. They are made from 100% recycled cardboard, the shape and the craft is absolutely beautiful plus the lamps are super light!

They are very pretty to look at, and come in all sorts of sizes and shapes from tiny to absolutely huge globes. You can choose white or brown cardboard, whichever matches your interior best!

If you’re after something different, cool, fresh ooooooor some vintage, industrial statement lighting, then go to Dowsing & Reynolds. They have a wide range of lighting products and I picked the funkiest pieces to show to you :)

Above you can see the geometric bulbs that look absolutely stunning, and below is the gorgeous origami lampshades. The colours are so vivid I could not even choose my fave one!

The last brand I wanted to talk about is my very favourite. Of course, they are scandi and their lamps are absolutely gorgeous! I love that they use unusual materials to design their products and with every new family, they create statement lighting, that looks just stunning.

Yeah, you can probably tell that I am massively in love with all things VITA Copenhagen.

Here are some of my favourites, and soon the Eos Mini will be featured on my bedside table in my new bedroom (stayed tuned for the upcoming posts and follow me on Instagram to get a sneak-peek).

Above you can see the Eos family in grey and white, and below you can see the Sine and Silvia lamps.

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Wow… this turned out as a really long blog post :) hope you enjoyed and you’ve seen something that you loved. let me know which lighting product is your favourite below in the comments section.

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Take care! x

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  1. Heatseeker
    Heatseeker says:

    The real Chris Stimson and Well Lit
    Hi Chris

    Chris Stimson of Well-Lit (and his dad’s) Company Dealings. Nice lads indeed!

    Well-Lit (SNT Trading Ltd)

    – Well-Lit is the trading name of SNT Trading Ltd and can be found at well-lit.co.uk

    – Chris Stimson & Richard Stimson (his dad) are both directors and owners of SNT Trading Ltd (along with 1 other

    – Chris Stimson actively runs this business. I don’t know about Richard Stimson, but the business is run from Richard’s
    large and expensive looking home in Huddersfield so I’d think it likely he is active in its operation

    – Chris Stimson became a director on 15 March 2013 (remember this date in relation to further data below…)

    – The Company’s most recent financial statement shows they are operating at a loss of £96,324 (£57,023 the
    previous year so appears to be getting deeper into debt)

    – Well-Lit operates as a supplier of LED lighting

    – On their website, they claim to be “UK Taxpayers” and state “Why should we be any different from ordinary
    citizens who pay their taxes and contribute to society?”. Their website also refers to being “ethical” and behaving
    in an ethical manner, as well as accountability.

    Topco SNT (Europe) Ltd

    Operated as a supplier of LED lighting (and, as far as I can tell, using the well-lit.co.uk website)

    – Chris Stimson & Richard Stimson were both directors and owners of this company

    – This company started the process of insolvency on 11 March 2013 (… 4 days before Chris Stimson becomes
    director of SNT Trading Ltd)

    – Went into liquidation owing liabilities of £226,089.52

    including owing:
    – £28,261 to HMRC
    – £74,100 to Barclays Bank

    – £73,729 to trade & expense creditors

    – The company’s other director and owner was James Lee (I’ll come back to him later…)

    – So this company went into liquidation owing nearly quarter of a million pounds but Chris & Richard Stimson carried
    on the same type of business immediately (or maybe even beforehand) under a new company

    – As part of the insolvency, SNT Trading Ltd were also allowed to purchase the stock of this company with a book
    value of £47,834 for only £1,800 (£1,500 + vat).

    Some Other Companies of Richard Stimson (A current Director & Owner of Well-Lit)

    SNT Mobile Ltd

    – Went into insolvency on 21 April 2009 owing £137,650.98

    – Directors and owners were Richard Stimson & James Lee

    SNT Media Networks Ltd

    – Went into insolvency on 11 March 2013 owing £435,436.70
    including owing:

    – £110,458 to HMRC

    – £65,242 to Natwest Bank

    – Directors and majority owners were Richard Stimson & James Lee

    Core Cabling Ltd

    – Went into insolvency on 23 December 2008 owing £2,102,745.48
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    – £105,983 to HMRC
    – £644,438 to HSBC Bank

    – Directors and owners were Richard Stimson & James Lee.

    Security Network Technologies Ltd

    – Went into insolvency on 23 December 2008 owing £470,495.64
    including owing:

    – £55,378 to HMRC

    – Directors and owners were Richard Stimson & James Lee.

    SNT Holdings Ltd
    – Still an active company listed at Companies House

    – It’s profit and loss account for most recent filed accounts shows a deficit of £2,224,325.00

    – Directors and owners are Richard Stimson & James Lee

    James Lee

    – He is neighbours with Chris Simson, living in the same luxury gated complex

    – Currently Sales Director of Future Energy Solutions (FES Lighting UK Ltd), which is also in the lighting industry

    Further Info
    – Chris Stimson has told people his company (SNT Trading Ltd t/a Well-Lit) in which he and his dad are directors,
    along with Future Energy Solutions (where James Lee is Sales Director), are in negotiation with Kypros Kyprianou
    Chief Officer of the Theo Paphitis Retail Group, to provide new lighting to all Theo Paphitis Retail Group sites
    in UK & Ireland.

    – Would you want to be involved in any type of business relationship with these people who have multiple
    insolvencies between them with losses into the millions of pounds..? I’ll leave you to decide!

    Its alright hough, despite these repeated insolvencies, none of these 3 appear to have been affected too badly
    on a personal level as they all appear to live in lovely expensive homes and drive nice cars.
    The information provided here is freely available from the Companies House website

    • eRika
      eRika says:

      Well, that is a very interesting comment. You might have spent a lot of time digging that info. I am not really having a business relationship with these guys or the company. Like any other designer, I go to shows and I see products that I like and I make a note of who sells them. I am not here to judge them based on the ways they do business, nor am I qualified to do so. If that is of interest to any of my readers, I hope they find it useful tho.
      I actually noticed since that very similar led filaments are available from other sellers on the market as well, so one can purchase them from various suppliers. Have a good week, thx for the comment! :)


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