Why I Miss Doing Full Scale Interior Projects

Yeah, I really miss interior designing from A to Z, when you have the opportunity for re-creating the whole space. It is the most exciting thing ever, but it is shit loads of work. Seriously. It is a lot more effort, than you would imagine :) I haven’t done a full project for a while, for various reasons (working 9 to 5, being a new mum, etc.) and I miss it, a hell of a lot…

The last project I did was about two years ago. I finished it during summer and it was probably the worst, most discouraging experiences I ever had in my life. The couple I worked with, was constantly arguing with each other about what they wanted and kept changing their minds overnight. Despite I worked my ass off, the relationship got ruined. I was so sad and confused and lost on confidence, that I just kept refusing other jobs for a while. Since then I did some very small projects, but remote help, but nothing very significant, that would rock my world.

Some of you guys are probably brand new readers, so probably don’t know much about me. I started blogging 3 years ago, but in Hungarian and I only recently decided to start an English blog, as I live in the UK now. I did my interior design school in Budapest, Hungary. Oh gosh, it was such a tough two years with often drawing the projects until 4 AM and then off to work in the morning. But, you know, it was totally worth it, cause I learned about my passion and for the first time in life, I was very interested in what I was being told during classes (khm… that was not exactly the case during my uni classes, haha).

I always had this dream of doing creative work. Once I started exploring the world of designers, I was amazed by it’s beauty, it’s freshness and the incredible diversity I found. I loved it. You can imagine how different and much more interesting that world is, compared to IT… :)
(Amm in my non-designer life I am information security manager…)

The one sentence, that changed my mindset about work, for ever

There is a university for creative artists in Budapest and they had a guest designer who was about to give a speech to the young talents. The event was public and the presenter happened to be my very favourite designer at the time, the awesome Karim Rashid. He’s work is so unique that you can tell immediately that it’s him when you see it, even if you are not too familiar with his work and have seen just a few pieces (really…).

I was there is the crowded auditorium and he was standing there in his all pink outfit, and he said: “Make your hobby your work and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” That’s how he felt about his job. He loved it, was passionate about it, and it wasn’t a struggle at all for him. How amazing could that feeling possibly be? I still wonder…

We, ordinary people, we have this block in our mind, that work is a must, and you don’t have to love it, or even like it, you just gotta do it, cause you need money for living. And you are told to choose a career path that will bring you loads of money, and to be careful, cause you will do this for the rest of your life, so it would be good if you’d enjoy it, but, you know… (At least this is what I was told.)

In that moment I questioned what I was told and I thought, hah what if I could get rid of IT and get on with interior designing, and forget about that 9 to 5 cubicle forever.

The Dream

It was a moment of freedom. Since then I am working towards the dream, but I am a rational person with two feet on the ground, so it ain’t easy for me to make such decisions. So I’ve done both for a long time:  I was a 9 to 5 officer and an evening/weekend interior designer – which was very convenient for all my clients, and most of them had day-jobs. However, I always struggled with the design income, as it was unpredictable and not enough to make a living out of it. Plus, we have a son, and we want girls too, and a house with a garden, and then more kids – and when you want that kindda stuff, financial insecurity is NOT something you wish for. So, for now, the dream is there, on hold, and the way to survive this meantime period, is blogging – if I can’t do it full time, at least let me talk about it and help others in this indirect way.

I like that connection, that a designer has with a client, it is such an intimate link between the two, because although I am a stranger, the client has to share every little thing with me so I can deliver the best living environment that fulfils all their needs, dreams and goes above and beyond. I believe in personal relationships and I also do believe in the first instinct. I love to meet people and talk to them in person, it’s so so different from those relationships built online, or over the phone. A face to face meeting changes everything, you feel the other person, you connect with them and you make a statement impression. When designer and client meet for the first time, they will both know in the first 5 minutes whether it’s gonna work or not. It is another question, whether one listens to that inner voice or not – something I failed to do when I took on that last design job I talked about earlier. But I was so excited about the opportunity and, of course, I wanted a new project in my portfolio. And, honestly, I think I did a bloody good job there cause finally, all their crazy needs were fulfilled. I’m still not sure how much of my work got actually implemented.

Anyway, I am over this now. Here I am, new journey, new blog, new motivation. Join me and will catch up together about my favourite topics (storage and small spaces in a chic contemporary style) and will give new, brilliant inspiration for everyone who asks for advice. Yeeeeey!

Have a cheerful day/evening/weekend!

See ya all next week for more inspiration & ideas. In the meantime, please follow me on social media for more – links above and in the sidebar.

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