THIS Is What A Perfect Flat Looks Like

Have you ever had that moment when you looking through the pictures and you go WOW! every single time you click the mouse. Well, I recently had that moment. You know I love Scandinavian design, those bright and simple interiors that just never get boring and never run out of style. I’m also a big fan of hidden storage and tidy looks. I would looooove a laundry room and a walk-in wardrobe (seriously, who wouldn’t?).

Now, here we go, all-in-one. Isn’t exactly a small flat as it’s 185 square metres, but still…

Click through and take a peak at this gorgeous scandi style flat featuring a piano in the living room!

I’ll show you this, and I have a feeling, you would gladly move in tomorrow.

Do you see what I mean? It’s just freakin’ perfect. OMG those pendant lamps! How good looking are they? And the whole concept is really cool, a nicely segregated kitchen, an optically divided dining area and a chilled, stylish living area. What else would you need?

There is just something about mixing the textures and the colours in this interior. It was done with a delicate taste and great sense of style.

I’m crazy about these armchairs, it looks really fancy surrounded by the wooden dining room box.

I quite like that the living room is not concentrated around watching telly, but it’s more about having a chat around the coffee table. When this is the case, I think it’s an obvious proof of great design.

How do you feel about the piano and the simple, but beautiful little home office nook: I quite love it. It’s part of the living room, but it still feels a bit segregated which can help achieve better productivity.

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The classy bookshelves act as walls / space dividers and are a great decoration for the hallway too. Although there is not much space for coats and shoes, you can probably manage with the available storage.

Something I always wanted is a laundry room. I genuinely think life would be just better with one of those :)

Ok, so the bedroom. It is slightly different from the rest, but that’s fine. They went for a beach house look with a hint of red. I absolutely love it. When designing scandi style homes it is so hard for me to decide whether to go for a monochrome bedroom design (you can’t loose there, can ya?) or to go colourful. But, if the client would like to bring the sea closer, I would definitely agree and go for it.

I always suggest to pick statement tiles for the bathroom, it makes such a difference. It provides style and personality to the space, which you can highlight even more with a special piece of lighting, or a cool mirror.

The best wall decor in the bathroom is to reflect your gorgeous tiles in a stylish mirror :)

As looking at the floor plan my only argument would be that the wardrobe is a bit far away from the bedroom, but, I mean, I could live with it, it’s not a big deal.

So, what do you think? Please leave your comments below.

How would the perfect flat look like for you? Tell me your biggest, wildest dreams. Where would your dream house be, how big, many floors or flat, big or tiny, in the woods or in the city? :) go ahead, dream big!

Images via InteriorDI

Welcome to my world of gorgeous interiors! Do you like what you see? Don’t miss out a post, subscribe to my newsletter!

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