I’m one of those people who does not like change. Although I am aware that change is pretty much the only constant thing nowadays.
Back in the day when I get home, I didn’t always feel like I was supposed to. You know, that feeling of relief after you shut the door, the safety of your familiar walls, the cosiness of your sofa.
For a very long time, I used to carry my past with me. I had a collection of items that I took with me when I moved out of my parents’ house, they reminded me of my High School Days.
Then I started a new life as a young University student and as I was living in a big city and I was meeting lots of different people, my taste started to change and suddenly I wanted new clothes, new decoration, I started to prefer new colours around me and, well, I slowly became a completely different person than I used to be, yet, I still surrounded myself with the objects that used to belong to the younger, different version of me.
Room Makeovers with a twist - not what you'd expect
I felt slightly disconnected from all these things, like the soft toys in my bed for example, but I remembered how much I used to love these things and the thought of getting rid of all of them made me feel awful.
After some time my spaces became really cluttered because I was collecting new things and displaying them next to the old ones and, well, it did look pretty awful.
I was a frequent mover, so every move to a new dorm room, gave me an opportunity to declutter. But I was still holding onto my “favourite” things.
It all became much worse after I broke up with my boyfriend. Even though we split up, I kept his presents. There were objects displayed on my shelves or on my desk, as well as photos on my pin board, and although none of the pictures actually had him on them, they’ve been taken at places where they’ve been together, and without even realising it they made me think about him quite a lot. And that was a really bad thing because we split up for a good reason, and I decided to move on, yet my surroundings were subconsciously holding me back from being able to leave all things behind me and start fresh.
Room Makeovers with a twist - not what you'd expect
Luckily for me, I had a teacher in the interior design school who was a space psychologist. She told us a story about a lady who could not make any new relationship work although she tried really hard and her husband passed away a couple of years ago. She moved on yet she was still unable to get a long-term partner, so she decided to ask for help. My teacher worked with her to try to find a reason that the surroundings that were holding her back. After thorough research she could not find anything so they started a casual conversation and somehow she discovered that the headstone of her husband was damaged in a huge storm and for whatever crazy reason she has brought it back home and she was storing it in the cupboard behind her bed.
Yeah, you guessed it, that was the thing holding her back from a successful relationship! Whilst it never occurred to her that it would cause a problem, subconsciously, she was well aware of her husband still being fully present in her life.
Room Makeovers with a twist - not what you'd expect
In my own life, I realised that I’m doing the same thing to myself by surrounding myself with gifts that I got from my ex-boyfriend and having all those pictures on my pinboard. Even by still carrying the handbag I got from him as a present. So, I decided to declutter my life and finally, leave the past behind.
This is a very emotional journey. It is hard to pack the things that you used to love or objects that used to represent someone or something that you loved in your life. It is difficult to embrace loneliness and feel good about being single. But it is so worth it.
After decluttering, I just went to IKEA, as a broke student it was an obvious choice at the time, and bought a couple of new things for myself that did not remind me of anything at all. I surrounded myself with girly colours and I enjoyed that I can make decisions by myself without asking for anybody’s approval.
Room Makeovers with a twist - not what you'd expect
It only took a decision to become a confident individual who was no longer looking for a new boyfriend out of desperation, but because I wanted that partner in life to create a great family together.
Allowing myself to be able to spend time at home whilst enjoying it and get back my me-time, got me what I wanted. Six months later I found my other half and well, you probably know the rest! I’m a happy mum of 2 boys now :)
And whatever you wish for in life, I know that you can get closer to it, by creating a safe place for yourself where you can relax, you can let go, you can meditate, get lost in your own thoughts, read a good book or watch a movie. Your home should be the best place on Earth for you. A place where you enjoy spending time the most, the place that lets you go away in the morning and welcomes you back home in the evening. I honestly don’t think that you can succeed in life without having a safety net that can hold you when you’re falling.
Room Makeovers with a twist - not what you'd expect
For me that’s been my tiny studio apartment for a fairly long time. So, now I’m on a mission to help people living solo in small flats to create functional, organized spaces that use colour, simplicity and Nordic design to reflect exactly who they are inside, on the outside.
I believe in the power of colour and how it can change our mood and I believe in the power of our subconscious. The story that our interiors and our surroundings are telling us is important because it manipulates the way we feel about ourselves it has an impact on how confident we feel. These feelings ultimately contribute to how successful we are in life. We are all so different but based on our main character and temperament we can define a colour palette that is the most ideal to surround yourself with. It is possible to suggest on colours that would lift your mood if you’re feeling a bit down. If you’re a melancholic person and you surround yourself with all the shades of grey it will bring to you further down when you’re having a bad day.

Would you like a personalized colour palette created for your home?

I mean, one that’s based on your unique personality type?

Cause now you can have it, for FREE. It will take 20 minutes of your time, on a call with me.

There’s no trick, I want to help 20 people experience the power of colour. Grab your spot today as seats are limited!

Room Makeovers with a twist - not what you'd expect
If you claim about yourself that you’re a messy person and you can’t keep anything organised I think you are wrong. You’re not messy or disorganised because that’s the way you were born, that’s just not true. Your space is getting cluttered all the time because you don’t have convenient, easy storage to put things away quickly and efficiently. When storage is difficult to reach or to organise we don’t feel like putting things away because we know it takes a lot of time. However, if we have convenient storage that is easy to reach, it’s organised by default and we don’t even have to think about where to put things, as well as knowing that we can access it easily if we needed in the future, it will stop our procrastination to tidy up at the end of each day.
Room Makeovers with a twist - not what you'd expect
So if you’re also one of those people who does not like change, but secretly you know that you need the change because I will take you so much further, then what you need is a room makeover. In makeovers, we go through every little thing in your surroundings and we decide whether to keep or let go. We find your ideal colour palette and recreate invisible storage that will serve you all day, every day.
Now, this is exactly what we do in my “Living your True Style” 3-day challenge. When you join I will guide you through the entire process in just 3 days. I’m confident that if you join and complete my talent, you will think differently about how you live, therefore, the Way You Live will change forever. And for the better :)

Are you after a dramatic improvement in your home?

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