The Secret Behind Handmade Products

It’s been ages since I could just sit down and write. There is so much going on in my life right now that it is really hard to find the time.

I visited multiple events during the London Design Fair – you will see couple of posts coming out on the treasures I found, during the next couple of weeks. We found a new house that we will rent long term – unfurnished – YEAH! that’s right, I am furbishing our own home this time FROM SCRATCH. This is the best (and scariest) thing that can happen with an interior designer – trust me, we really really really wanna get this right :) Of course, it will be Scandinavian, but with a statement to reflect my style, maybe a bit eclectic here and there. You will get a sneak peek very soon – just follow me on Instagram.

And here we come – the real reason for this blog post is to share what I’ve been up to last weekend, when I was invited to Handmade at Kew by In The Window to their #LiveTheStory event.

I love handmade things, because they are unique and special. There is so much thought and passion behind these products, but we hardly have the opportunity or the patience to research the story behind a product that we love. It makes such a difference when you can meet the designer and maker, talk to them and experience the process of making. Suddenly, a cushion may become more precious and the price of a hand-printed wallpaper starts to make sense.

The window is bringing us (bloggers) closer to the process, so we can meet the person behind the design and hear their stories. So, here we go, this is what I learnt on the day.

The secret revealed behind the uniqueness of handmade products

I’ve never seen screen printing before and hardly ever seen hand-printed wallpaper in real-life (pretty bad for an interior designer, isn’t it?). So I was very happy when I was invited to see Daniel Heath’s silk-screen printed wallpaper in the making. You would not imagine how time consuming this is. Each design is printed in multiple layers precise and with care. There is absolutely no room for mistakes, as then you can start it all over again. You have to be very careful on how much paint you apply – it’s tricky, as you have to put on just the right amount, otherwise you either don’t get the design you wanted or it’s overdone. Difficult and very humble process, where your creation is the focus of your attention; this is what makes a truly unique product.

Daniel let me try to screen-print the base of this gorgeous green wallpaper design. What do you think? :)

Hand printed wallpaper is a real piece of art work and can be a great lifetime investment if you’re looking for something outstanding, to make that personal statement for you. As Daniel’s wallpapers are made to order, you can choose from a variety of colors and designs to make it your own.

This is obviously not something you would put on all your walls, as it is quite expensive – but, think about it this way – would you invest in a fine piece of art to decorate your walls? Yes? Well, then this is for you as it is no different in it’s nature. Hand made art, made specifically for you to decorate one of your walls in your home :)

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So I was walking around the stands on this year’s designjunction and I saw these chairs with gorgeous pattern in fabulous colors and I was thinking: “OMG, I’m not even familiar with this brand!” so, I went there and spoke to Corinne, founder of Frame & Cover.

I found out that the brand is new, Corinne took all her experience and created her own label to be able to produce high quality furniture from sustainable resources – something I care about a LOT! Some of you may know that I watched this space through my blogging journey and, trust me there are fascinating things out there to save our planet. If you guys show interest in hearing more about this, I will pick up the topic and blog more about sustainable design in the future – let me know in the comments section below.

Frame & Cover provided the lounge furniture at the Handmade at Kew show, so I could meet Corinne again and hear more about her story and what inspires her to create these beautiful patterns and colors on her fabrics.

I found out that she’s old school in her design process and uses paper first (so do I, hah!) and it was very interesting to hear how difficult it is to get the colors right, when you are trying to print a pattern onto fabric. It takes a lot of trying and you got to be patient.

I mean, even when you’re printing a photo, how different can that look like from what you’ve seen on your screen? I cannot even imagine, how that changes when you print on a piece of fabric…

It took Corinne about 3 years to get to where she is now, but we’re so happy she’s made it as the result is gorgeous, stylish, unique furniture – something we all desire and appreciate.

You can buy chairs, cushions and fabric/meter – get in touch, as everything is made to order, in England, by a unique selection of craftsman.

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If you are hunting cool linen cushions to finish off your hunting lodge decor – here you go! I found the perfect match for you at Peaceable Kingdom Cushions. Handcrafted for you, in multiple colors and unique designs.

You would think it’s easy to make cushions, right? Well, let me tell you, that it’s not. You have to be careful with how much paint to apply (so easy to overdo it), then you have pretty much just one chance to place the linen on the wooden board with the pattern and paint on it ( can’t move it AT ALL after the linen touched the paint), and then it takes up to 4 days for the oil paint to dry completely.

The cushions are very good quality, and so comfy, about £70 each. If you’d like one get in touch and order yours soon. My favorite is the one with the sleeping cat. Which one would you prefer?

After the bloggers event I went for a walk in Kew gardens and I had some time to absorb it all. And I think I have the answer to this questions:

What is the secret behind a handmade product? What makes it so special?

I believe, the one thing is:


There’s this thing that all these brands have in common, and that’s passion. They are passionate about creating these products the way they think & feel it’s the best. And the beauty of ‘hand made’ is that they are part of every item they create.

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