As the days get shorter, the light quality in our homes gets worse. Winter evenings are ideal for cuddling up under a blanket and watching movies or reading books, but poor lighting can often be problematic. This blog post will take you through 5 layers of lighting to make a huge difference to the light quality in your home.

1. Ceiling lights

The first layer of lighting is ceiling lights. A ceiling light should be nice and bright and spread light around your room. It’s a good idea to use a yellow toned light as it helps to create warmth. White light is too cool for a cosy living space, but would be more suitable for an office space.

2. Include a floor lamp

The second layer of lighting involves adding a floor lamp. There are may different types of floor lamps which all have different uses within an interior space. Here’s a handy guide for you to decide which lamp is the most suitable for you:

  1. The first lamp is more of a modern style. The light is distributed fairly evenly above and below meaning it will create an eve glow.
  2. The second lamp shade style is more classic. With this style, the light is distributed more towards the floor so is suitable for reading.
  3. The third lamp is a much more contemporary style. The light is actually movable so can be pointed downwards, which is ideal for reading, upwards or sideways. If the light is pointed upwards or sideways, it created a spotlight effect.
  4. The fourth style is a more versatile version of the third lamp style as it has multiple lights which can be pointed in various directions simultaneously.

3. Add a table lamp

On top of floor lamps, table lamps also add another layer of lighting into your room. Table lamps can be used on desks, console tables, side tables and shelving and will help to bounce more light around the room. Again, there are many different types of table lamps, some will be more suitable for you than others.

  1. This light is ideal for watching TV as the light is reflected on the surface that the lamp sits on.
  2. The second style works particularly well for using computers and playing board games. It is a multifunctional light as it emits light above and below.
  3. The third table lamp style is the most versatile as it can be used to create different moods. Angling the light downwards is ideal for reading, but bouncing light against a wall creates a similar feel to a softbox in photography.
  4. This lamp shape is perfect for both watching the TV and reading. The smaller hole at the top sends less light up into the air which helps to set the mood more.
  5. This light is perfect for bedrooms, especially when the fabric is a dark colour, as it gives out a small amount of soft lighting which creates a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere.

4. Add some candles

Candles really help to create a cosy atmosphere and are perfect for the winter months. There are so many pretty tea lights and scented candles around at the moment, so why not give them a go? They give off a beautiful warm glow which create a relaxing mood for winter evenings.

5. Consider a fireplace

Most people may not consider a fireplace to be a light source, however, fireplaces can make a significant differnce to the light quality in a room.

Ok, in this day and age not every house is built with a fireplace included, but there may be a solution. Thanks to Bioethanol, anyone can have a fireplace in their house. You can even buy small tabletop fireplaces which burn for between 45 minutes and one hour. Any type of fireplace, whether it’s a traditional wood or coal fire, an wood burning stove or even a bioethanol fireplace, will create a lovely warm glow and convince you to grab a cup of tea, movie and cosy up with a loved one.

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