Why I Miss Doing Full Scale Interior Projects

Yeah, I really miss interior designing from A to Z, when you have the opportunity for re-creating the whole space. It is the most exciting thing ever, but it is shit loads of work. Seriously. It is a lot more effort, than you would imagine :) I haven’t done a full project for a while, for various reasons (working 9 to 5, being a new mum, etc.) and I miss it, a hell of a lot…

The last project I did was about two years ago. I finished it during summer and it was probably the worst, most discouraging experiences I ever had in my life. The couple I worked with, was constantly arguing with each other about what they wanted and kept changing their minds overnight. Despite I worked my ass off, the relationship got ruined. I was so sad and confused and lost on confidence, that I just kept refusing other jobs for a while. Since then I did some very small projects, but remote help, but nothing very significant, that would rock my world.

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Apartment Tour – An Australian Interior Designer’s Home

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the dark wall of the dining-room with the totally matching rug. I thought this is seriously cool. The other rooms and details are also quite impressive, so I just had to show you what I have found! Read more