My Scandi Kind Of Christmas

Scandinavian design has had a really strong influence on Christmas decorations in previous years and is still as popular today.

Scandinavian decorations make the most beautiful impact through their quiet, sophisticated simplicity. Nature is the biggest influence found in Scandi design, and it is vital for creating the ideal Christmas scheme. So this year, why not look to your garden, parks and green spaces for inspiration, to add some festive Scandi delight to your home.

Take a look at some inspiration below.

Scandinavian style is characterised by a blank white canvas with soft, natureal elements, which create an uplifting mood. Texture plays a huge part in Scandi design too, so be sure to combine soft furs, wools and linens for warmth.

For Christmas trees, think white lights, textured baubles and a minimal colour palette. For wreaths, use a garland made of Christmas tree branches or other foliage. Then, you can add other natural elements, such as pine cones, berries and cinnamon sticks.

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One motif that is really common in Scandi Christmas decorations is a star. So, If you want to give your home the festive Scandi touch, make sure to add some stars here and there. Good places for stars would be on the tree, on wreaths, as table decorations and fairy lights.

Scandinavian design even has influence on gift wrapping. To give your Christmas presents the Scandi touch, consider using brown paper, twine, luggage tags and foliage. It is minimal but elegant. Im sure your friends and family would appreciate such a beautuflly wrapped gift!

To sum up, natural elements and neutral colours are the key to translating Scandinavian design into your home. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add colour, just make sure its subtle.

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