eRika from eRika Interiors

I design Scandinavian flats for Solos to help grow confidence.

Work with me in Berkshire, U.K.

“I really needed a facelift for my rented apartment but I had a very small budget. I asked Erika to help me decorate the place – as if it was down to me, I would make everything grey – but I was after something a lot less boring. She created a couple of moodboards & visuals, suggested a colour palette and then I choose the final list of products that I loved. With the shopping list, she gave me I was able to quickly get all the items. My studio looks so much better now, I enjoy it a lot more.”


“Erika has done a fantastic job of decorating our living and dining room. She has introduced a completely new concept in using space, which combines creativity and harmony. We could not have achieved such refreshing and lively look without her support and guidance.”


“Erika was absolutely amazing. She totally got what I was after & came up with ideas that would’ve never occurred to me & project managed the whole thing!”


5 Updates To Your Flat That Will:

  • Grow your confidence
  • Make space for the future you want
  • Get you (finally) organised
  • Make you feel energised
  • Get you ready to crush the day each morning
Living Your True Style Challenge with Erika Interiors


Build Confidence And Attract Love By Redesigning Your Flat