I help people who live solo, in small flats to create functional, organized spaces that use colour, simplicity & Nordic design to reflect exactly who they are inside, on the outside.

Work with me online, or in person in Berkshire, U.K.


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My Epic Challenge That May Completely Transform How You Live!

Living Your True Style Challenge with Erika Interiors


Design For A Fulfilled Everyday

Discover your personality based colour palette and turn your home into an energy booster!

This is my gift to you!

I would love to help 20 people to turn their home into an energy-boosting engine, where the interiors are in perfect collaboration with the inner You, making you feel at home, safe, understood and the cosiest it can get.

Soooo I am offering 15 colour consultation calls and 5 style consultation calls (20 minutes each) as a gift to thank you for being here!

During a colour consultation call, you will find out the ideal colour palette for your home that will be based on your personality & temperament. This will not only ease your job when it comes to redecorating your place or buying a new rug, but it will ensure an instant energy boost during your day once applied. It will also help you to balance life by pulling you back from the extremes you experience from time to time. Colour is a powerful tool, let me help you to use it in your favour and experience the immense change it can bring!

A style consultation is a series of questions that I developed in order to find out the style that you REALLY love! Not the one that you’re supposed to like because society, makes you believe it’s it’s for you, not the one that others want you to like, but that only one you should be living in because it’s so YOU!